장현명 (Hyun Myung Jang)


Degree : Research Professor

Research : i) First-Principle Calculation

                   ii) Ferroelectric Photovoltaic Cell Hybrid

                   iii) Halide Perovskite-based Solar Cells

Email : hmjang at


이승철 (Seung-Chul Lee)


Degree : Post Doctor

Research : Encapsulation of Perovskite Quantum Dots and Nanoparticles / Synthesis of highly stable Perovskite Nanoparticles

Email : llsech85 at


우승제 (Seung-Je Woo)


Degree : Post Doctor

Research : Low dimensional perovskites: photophysics, optics, exciton dynamics, synthesis, and device fabrication

Email : seungwsj at


Wenqiang Yang


Degree : Post Doctor

Research : Metal halide perovskite materials and device, High-efficiency perovskite solar cells, Surface physics and Semiconductor properties, Carrier dynamic behavior in nanomaterials and device

Email : yangwq at


Qingsen Zeng


Degree : Post Doctor

Research : Stable Perovskite Nanocrystal LEDs for Display, Patterning of perovskite nanocrystals.

Email : qingsenzeng at


김재일 (Jae Il Kim)


Degree : Principal researcher

Research : Surface modification of Perovskite Nanocrystals / Perovskite-based Hybrid Materials / Photo-pattering of Perovskite Nanocrystals

Email mekji at

이혜진 연구원님.jpg

이혜진 (Hyejin Lee)


Degree : Senior researcher

Research : Synthesis of Perovskite Quantum Dots and Nanoparticles / Perovskite LEDs for Displays

Email hejineu0203 at